Guidelines for Participation for Community Board Directors

Specific Responsibilities:

1. Community Board Activities

  • Attend quarterly board meetings
  • Attend Annual Directors Forum
  • Participate in teleconferencing as necessary

2. Committee Activities:

  • Serve on 1–2 board committees
  • Attend committee meetings and teleconferences
  • Complete work assignments, including meetings with management company staff, community members and outside consultants as necessary

3. Community Liaison Activities:

  • Participate in periodic meetings with Resident Advisory Council on-site at community
  • Participate in periodic meetings with community’s Executive Director and Finance Director
  • Attend and participate in periodic Town Meetings with residents
  • Attend other community meetings as requested
  • Attend special events, galas, groundbreakings, etc.

4. Continuing Education:

  • Participate in orientation events and read orientation materials
  • Keep up-to-date with relevant industry periodicals, websites & newsletters
  • Participate in continuing educational events relevant to board service

5. Board evaluation

  • Complete board evaluation forms annually
  • Complete committee evaluations and individual director evaluations annually or as appropriate

6. Fundraising

  • Support community fundraising event(s) consistent with one’s financial capability

7. Estimated total annual time commitment: 200-300 hours

8. Other:

  • Some travel may be required to attend board meetings consistent with regional meeting location rotation and to attend the Annual Directors Forum. All expenses associated with board meeting travel, lodging and meals will be reimbursed.
  • Board members receive an annual retainer in recognition of the time and commitment required to fulfill director participation guidelines.
  • Each director is required to maintain a log of the annual time spent on director activities.
  • The initial term of office is one year, with possible re–election to consecutive three-year terms