Strategic Planning

The purpose of the Strategic Planning is to advise and assist the Board with its responsibilities for NSC’s mission, vision and strategic direction. The specific responsibilities of the Committee shall include:

    • Making recommendations to the Board related to the development and implementation of strategic initiatives, major programs and services to fulfill NSC’s mission.
    • The Committee will evaluate and analyze the potential purchase of the leased communities from Erickson Living and/or other possible structures to achieve NSC’s and the community’s goals.
    • The Committee will evaluate and analyze opportunities to partner with Erickson Living in the future development of new communities.
    • Helping management identify critical strategic issues facing the organization. Assisting in analysis of alternative strategic options.
    • Ensuring management has established an effective strategic planning process, including development of a five-year strategic plan for each community and for the enterprise with measurable goals and time targets.
    • Understanding the organization’s industry, market, and core competencies.
    • Periodically reviewing the mission, vision and strategic plan, and recommending changes to the Board.
    • Annually reviewing the strategic plan and recommending updates as needed based on changes in the market, community needs, and other factors.
    • Monitoring the organization’s performance against measurable strategic objectives and reporting to the Board.